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The Waning Moon is the time for decrease.

This is the most powerful time to cast spells to remove problems, to protect, and to neutralize adversaries. It's also a good time for reflection, meditation and study. Use this moon's energy to banish negative habits and harmful energies. Moon Course As the Moon circles the Earth, it moves through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting through is referred to as the moon's aspect and can be used to good advantage to predict spellwork.

The ancients observed the sky and set their calendars by the movement of the stars and the cycles of the moon.

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This Void-of-Course transition can last for a few minutes or for several days. Spellcraft should be avoided when the moon is void of course as the energy is unpredictable. Magick is about aligning like energies to achieve a predictable outcome. Knowing when the moon is void of course and avoiding spellwork during these periods will eliminate a lot of frustration and wasted effort.

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If the Moon Card appears in a reading it suggests that you should pay attention to your inner self. Pay attention to your dreams, instincts and intuitions.

If you like this, you might like these. The moon will affect some more than others, and there are some zodiac signs the January full moon will affect the least. The January full moon will look bigger and brighter than usual before it disappears from sight during the eclipse, which means that it will be more intense than your typical full moon. A lunar eclipse has a stronger effect on us and can influence our emotions and intentions. You'll likely find yourself feeling more intuitive than usual, as you'll be more in touch with your needs and desires.

You may deal with more mood swings than you're used to, and you could even make some seriously impulsive decisions. These are more general effects of the full moon, but of course, it will be a slightly different experience for everyone, based on your zodiac sign. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust , who said, "The lunar eclipse serves to bring deeper understanding within ourselves, elevating our minds to the highest power.

Emotions and insecurites fly, and this is how we see hopelessness, but we find ways to thrive. I am a late comer to an interest in studying astronomy. I am I enjoyed your fascinating article.

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Tonight with my binoculars I was able to see the Moon and near it to the southwest was what I believe was the planet Jupiter. How wonderful to hear, Judith! Easy to spot!

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Today is the 16th and there is no moon at all, but I received a ring I've been waiting for for 3 months. In July, the Thunder Moon falls on my birthday, July 27th, Is there any signification in all this for me this year? Can someone please tell me how to look this up if it is an okay time to have surgery?

I am new to this. From what I read about medicine and moon - surgery is not recommended on Full Moon, especially such a strong and extended one.

Dakota Sioux. Spirit of Fourth of July. God's Blessings for All. Shared my points with Chuckles Russell Crowe! Can you tell me what time the full moon will set? Wanted to do a Full Moon hike in early evening, 8pmish, if moon was still shining. Thank you. Once you enter your zip code, it will give you the rise and set times of the Sun, Moon, and planets as viewed in your area.

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You can find the August full Moon page at this link. Good God! Do you think the host Paul Cox might actually speak instead of whispering?! The volume levels high and very low vary widely, and to make it worse, his overall speech is very whispery for at least one-third of the broadcast time. If this comment is unclear, he could listen to some of his guests, who are quite clearly speaking rather than whispering. I hope this is possible, as I'd love to be able to follow these moon shows.

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This is the second show I'll miss because of this idiosyncratic speech pattern. Can you tell me when the full moon is for July and what day is it for baby's being born. Also what gender. Boy are Girl?

The Full Moon for July is listed right on this page above. Found this listed under the August moon's page on this site.